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Rendezvous in Diagon Alley

Alrighty then! To kick things into full swing, two of your mods bring you the first RP posted in Michief Managed. It takes place at Diagon Alley, obviously, so that's just before school starts up again. If you've already posted a school-related entry in your journal, then just pretend this happened before hand. XD Heh.

Ah, and as a note! All roleplays like this should be posted on the community under a cut, like so. This way we'll know what's going on even if our characters don't. Without further adieu, the roleplay!

Sirius Black slid cautiously away from the wary eye of his mother, rounding a corner and ducking into Flourish and Blotts. He glanced around himself tentatively before a small smile graced his features; his face relaxed and he began to whistle a low, breathy tune. He was relieved that summer was nearing an end; after all, his family was hardly ideal company and the boy was excited for a new term at Hogwarts. Over the past three months, he had longed for the familiarity of the schools' halls, teachers, portraits… but more than that, he missed his friends. Whilst Sirius had been largely ignored by his family, his friends had never forgotten him; the owls came frequently, bearing letters and small gifts that kept him going. Each day, he yearned for the summer to come to a close, to once more be able to spend time with the three that he loved so dearly.

And it was finally here - he was in Diagon Alley - and school was nearly in session. Sirius' hesitant smirk grew into a toothy grin as he moved deeper into the shop, nodding at the caretaker and poking through the aisles. He spotted a magnificent ostrich-feather quill hiding in toward the back of the store and pulled out his pouch and counted his sickles.

This should be enough, he thought, poking through the coins. Better be, I'd rather not go find mum and ask her for money.

But before Sirius could as much as step toward the quill in question, he had heard a decided grunt and the shuffle of shoes somewhere to the left of him. He turned to greet the noise, seeing a familiar hunched figure poring over something or other. Sirius watched the other boy; his scruffy hair was light brown in color, his legs were crossed and slacks ironed but just a bit too short. His robes fell haphazardly around his body, pooling in a pile near his feet. Nothing was particularly extraordinary about the boy, yet Sirius felt a strange pull. He cocked his head as he noted the other boy's arms; his sleeves were cuffed, exposing rough scratches and scars from past wounds. Hands were marred with the pain of deep gauges, his fingernails almost bloodied. Sirius scratched his head, a knowing smile creeping on his face; he gave a nod and a cough to acknowledge his presence.

"Remus, Remus," Sirius inched forward, a hand on his waist as he bent down to tease his friend. "Could have guessed you'd been here, but reading in Flourish and Blotts? Tsk, tsk…"

The boy gave a start and jerked his head up to meet the source of the voice. When he realized who it was his expression changed from one of surprise to a look of annoyance. “It just so happens that I enjoy reading.” He couldn’t keep up an attitude like that for very long though, and especially not around Sirius. His indignant scowl quickly melted into a wide grin. “Sirius!” Remus closed the book he’d been reading and stood, brushing down his robes clumsily in the process. He looked up at his friend again, and grinned even wider—if that was at all possible—before enveloping him in a warm hug.

“Sirius, it’s been too long.” They’d only been away for the summer months, it was true, but it had seemed like an eon to Remus. Sirius, along with James and Peter, were his best friends, and being away from the Marauders for so long was difficult for him. Of course they’d sent owls back and forth—that was almost a given for them—but actually seeing each other was completely different, and Remus much preferred it to talking from afar.

He pulled away and looked back down at his book to check the title before quickly placing it back on the shelf. Looking back to Sirius once more, he went on. “I really didn’t have anything better to do—that’s why I was reading in here. But fancy meeting you here, eh? It really is great to see you again Sirius.”

Sirius smirked, nudging Remus playfully.

"Nothing better to do, my arse… it's Diagon Alley, there's candy and joke shops and funny books that have spells that we could use to bother the teachers!" Sirius touched his chin thoughtfully. "Or Snape."

Sirius felt anticipation wash over him as he imagined another year of mischief; they would be in fifth year, able to parade about the halls and actually command respect. Their quartet had always been renowned around the school for causing mayhem in the corridors, and this year Sirius could not wait to impress with their back-to-school ploys. There was so much they had going for them, after all. James always seemed to produce the best tricks out of thin air - everything from invisibility cloaks to potions that could turn anyone into anything. Then there was Peter, of course, who somehow had the uncanny ability to sense when a prank should be postponed to a later date. And Remus, Remus, who had the quietest ideas that always turned out nosiest - the worst tricks and the best strategies. But of out of everyone, Sirius was glad to see Remus before school began. His dear friend hadn't changed much, appearance wise - he still had the same messy hair, the same ironed slacks, the same scarring scratches. In fact, Remus still made him smile that same sloppy grin currently plastered all over Sirus' face. Yet at the same time, Sirius was always at a loss of words when it came to Remus - another year at Hogwarts was another year hiding, another year pretending to ignore the pain marring the other boy's face after a full moon. Sirius scratched at his ear, pushing a stray strand of hair behind it.

"Remus, you've already bought your wolfsbane, huh?" Sirius inquired. I don't know what to say to him, Sirius thought. How do I ask if he's 'doing alright'? He's a werewolf for God's sake; he's never going to be alright with it.

Remus faltered momentarily, but covered it up with a well practiced smile. It was true; he would never really be alright with his ‘condition.’ He was a werewolf, and he would be one until the day he died. All he could do was buy and use his wolfsbane and try to keep his mind off it in the mean time. However, there would always be that night once a month when he just couldn’t ignore what he was and he would transform into a werewolf. Remus always worried that he would loose control on one such night and bite, or even kill an innocent person. He knew he would not be able to live with the guilt if that were to happen. But then, Remus would always remind himself, it will all be alright, because I’ve got them.

The Marauders had been surprised, of course, when they’d found out about Remus. However, they had shown and given him one hundred and ten percent of their support. They had practiced their animagi transformations for him, and thus were able to be there for Remus even when he was in his werewolf form. That was how they had gotten their nicknames—Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Mooney because Remus changed on the night of the full moon; Wormtail because Peter changed into a rat with a thin tail that looked strikingly akin to a worm; Padfoot for Sirius, who turned into an enormous black dog with, of course, padded feet; and James was known as Prongs for the antlers he received when he changed into a magnificent stag. Yes, his friends were always there for him, and Remus was eternally grateful for that.

“Yes,” he answered Sirius. “I’ve got enough.” He bent over and retrieved his bag of newly-purchased school supplies and the stack of textbooks he needed to buy from their resting place against a bookshelf. He scanned the many other shelves of Flourish and Blotts to make sure he hadn’t missed anything before asking Sirius, “Is there anything you need to get here? I just need to buy these and then I’m ready to go.” He nodded towards the pile of books. “I’m sure you don’t want to spend all afternoon in this stuffy bookstore. Like you said, this is Diagon Alley.” He grinned. “There’s candy stores and joke shops we could be investigating, right?”

"Good to know, mate," Sirius patted Remus sharply on his lower back, flashing his friend a toothy smile before side-stepping to the rear of the shop. Sirius quickly grasped the ostrich-feather quill he had been eyeing and stuck it in one of the inner pockets of his robes. He moved toward the clerk, winked once, and flicked a sickle or two onto the counter. By the time the store's manager had noticed, Sirius was gently pulling Remus out of the shop and toward the opposite end of Diagon Alley.

"Bloody hell, Remus, walk with me here." Sirius released the other boy's sleeve and his hand carelessly slid down to his side. "I feel like a little Muggle girl, but I am craving some chocolate frogs like you have no idea, so can we-"

Shit. Sirius spied his mother across the walkway, a hand on her hip, looking both annoyed and slightly distraught. Probably a bad sign. Sirius quickly evaded potential confrontation by harshly grabbing Remus' wrist with a grunt and lightly jogging in the opposite direction. He had no idea where they exactly were going, but anywhere that wasn't near the wrath of an angry Black was preferable.

Remus’ eyes widened in surprise as he was pulled forward “Wait a—” But once he looked over his shoulder and saw the disappearing form of Sirius’ mother, he understood. In all his time knowing Sirius he had heard plenty about the Black family and had thus come to realize that the lady of the house was a force to be reckoned with.

Remus obediently followed Sirius as they ducked between and around people and the displays outside the many shops of Diagon Alley. A turn here, a turn there, until finally the two slowed to a stop and found themselves smack in the middle of Knockturn Alley. A hub for the trading, selling, and purchasing of uncanny and often dark odds and ends, it wasn’t exactly the prime hangout for aspiring wizards such as themselves.

“Brilliant work, Sirius. What was that about chocolate frogs?” Remus said sarcastically, a trace of annoyance crossing his features. It wasn’t so much that he was annoyed with the other boy—not even in the slightest, actually—but he wasn’t too keen on being back in Knockturn Alley so soon after he’d bought his ‘medicine.’ Remus scanned the shops around them to get his bearings, and gave a small sigh of relief when he recognized the place where he normally got his wolfsbane. At least he knew where they were. The Alley was not the place to get lost in.

Sirius looked about himself fervently before his brisk trot slowed to a subdued stride. He dropped Remus' wrist, murmuring a meek apology. Before the other boy could respond, however, Sirius' hand was again brushing Remus'.

"Chocolate frogs aside…" Sirius paused, his ebony hair falling from behind his ears. "Where are we?"

It was then that Sirius noticed the store facing him; he leaned forward to peer inside the window, noting two or three shrunken heads and what could only be described as 'an ominous cauldron'. The shopkeeper shot a glare in Sirius' direction, and the boy quickly scuttled away from the glass.

"Scratch that. It doesn't matter. Let's leave." As often as Sirius' curiosity had landed him in particularly risky situations before, he felt increasingly uncomfortable surrounded by the alley's dark shops and darker wizards. Sirius started to move to his left before he turned around and stepped right. Oh yes, that's right, I have no idea where to go, Sirius reflected. He paused, staring quizzically at Remus. "Tell me you have sense of direction enough to get us out of here?"

Remus let a chuckle slip and smiled at Sirius. “Of course I do, would you expect any less of me?” He didn’t really want to stray back to the subject, so he just gave a slight jerk of his head in the direction of the store he was basing his directions on, silently indicating to Sirius that that was the shop. He pointed to his left and said, “This way.”

Remus set out at a brisk walk in the direction he had implied and it wasn’t too long before he had led Sirius back into the bright at bustling streets of Diagon Alley. He gave a hasty look up and down each side of the street to make sure they wouldn’t have an unwanted encounter with the other boy’s mother, and then stepped into the light. Though they had only spent a short time in Flourish & Blotts and their detour through Knockturn Alley hadn’t taken too long either, the sun was now a quite bit lower in the sky. Remus sighed. He would have loved to have spent more time with Sirius after having been separated for so long, but he knew he’d have to head home soon. Not to mention that Sirius’ mother was probably not too happy with her son’s disappearance.

It wasn’t long before the new term, however, and then Remus and Sirius, along with Peter and James would be reunited once more. They wouldn’t have to worry about unpleased parents or wait until the summer ended to continue their usual job of causing mischief at Hogwarts. And in Remus’ case, he would no longer have to count the days until could see his friends again. In the meantime though, the two Marauders still had one unfinished task to accomplish. Remus looked up to Sirius and grinned. “So,” he asked, “Are you still up for a couple of chocolate frogs?” He figured they could evade Mrs. Black for just a bit longer.
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