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Roleplay the second between Sirius and Regulus. Warning: this is not considered smut even a bit, but realize that this involves the brothers getting up to some things most brothers would never, well, think about. As such, it is important to realize that this community is accepting of slash (of all kinds) and if you don't know what that is, I suggest you find out.

After quickly grabbing his cloak, Sirius bolted down Gryffindor tower and into the hallway leading to the kitchens. He was less than cautious whilst fumbling to the kitchens, moving at a sort of sprint-walk that didn't make for an elegant entrance. Sirius was looking forward to having some wine with his brother; he knew that he needed to unwind, and who better to do so with than Regulus? He burst through the kitchen's doors with a sort of bumbling gait, breath hitched slightly. After straightening his cloak a bit, he made his way over to his brother, sitting cross-legged and casually pouring wine into a glass. "Hey."

Regulus trembled a little at his brother's voice, but his own was calm. "Hey." He sat back against the shelves, sipping his wine delicately. "Would you like some dessert? It's just ice cream tonight, but it's the rather good kind with all the cream." He was rambling. Bugger.

Sirius heaved himself onto the counter, grin across his features. "Gah. Absobloodylutely. I love the kind with the cream." He grabbed his own glass of wine, taking a particularly large gulp from his glass. He sighed, leaning on the shelves next to his brother.

"They all have cream, Sirius." Nontheless, Regulus summoned a house elf to him and asked for two servings, one of white chocolate and one of dark, for Sirius. "I should stop with the sweets, shouldn't I, they'll be the death of me. I can see it now, Regulus Black, Death by Diabetes Induced Heart Failure, 1962-1977."

"Well, some just have the ice..." Sirius trailed, laughing gently. "You should. And then at the funeral that I would obviously organize, there would be nothing but sweets. Just in your honor, you know. So you could sit there from... wherever and see us and think, 'damnit, Sirius, I want that treacle!'"

"You are cruel. You are a cruel older brother. That's what you are, a tormenter and doer of mental harm. Tragic, really what you do to your only supportive family." Regulus clamped his jaw shut to shut up and bit his tongue. "Ow!" he yelped, putting his hand up to his mouth to catch any blood that may fall. None did, and he felt doubly silly.

Sirius burst out laughing, snorting a small portion of wine out his nose. "Ow... ah... you are such a bloody spaz, you are..." He pinched his nose. "Much less than I, definitely..." Sirius then leaned back on one hand, glancing at his brother. "So, O Paranoid One, do you really believe I want to, uhm, sodomize you?"

Regulus spat out his wine, and it hurt his tongue. "You said! You were talking about, about warming our beds and coming on was alright and I just wanted to be a good little brother but not quite like that no matter how much our family history says it's allowed!" Regulus clamped his hands over his mouth again. He wasn't one of those purebloods, it wasn't the way he was...

"REGULUS! Calm down." Sirius touched him briefly on the shoulder before he realized that the situation would probably make that particular gesture seem less than appropriate. "We're brothers, alright? Sharing beds is acceptable. Being a good little brother is also acceptable. Incest, it's acceptable in our family, but I'm sure all of us have very mixed feelings on that subject." He smiled vaguely.

Regulus sighed. He took a moment to recollect himself, steeling his shoulders, swallowing dryly, sipping his wine and wiping it off on his sleeve. Feeling relaxed enough not to say anything too damaging, he decided to explain. "It was... Just the way you said it, Siri, I thought... Why are you smiling like that?"

Sirius cocked his eyebrows, his smile growing. "I know, I know, you're just always thinking about me having my way with you that when I mention something like a shared bed, you think I want to ravish you. It's alright, Reg." He laughed at the look on his brother's face. "I'm kidding, okay? Anyway. Just think about it."

"Just think about it? About you ravishing me?!" Regulus snapped. The problem was he didn't want to think about it. He really didn't. And now he sort of was.

Sirius flushed. "No! No, that's not what I meant. More like... think about how amusing the situation is from my point of view." He fidgeted. "Not me ravishing you, no, God no. You don't seem to like the subject much."

"Just think about it? About you ravishing me?!" Regulus snapped. The problem was he didn't want to think about it. He really didn't. And now he sort of was.

Sirius flushed. "No! No, that's not what I meant. More like... think about how amusing the situation is from my point of view." He fidgeted. "Not me ravishing you, no, God no. You don't seem to like the subject much."

"Oh, yes, I'm quite certain it's amusing to you, Siri, you don't have this nagging fear that your brother fancies you!" Regulus shivered. "The regal Slytherins are pure by birth, but often times they fear the worst. I memorised it because it bothered me that the Sorting Hat resorted to Slant Rhyme."

"Regulus, to be honest, sometimes I do get that sort of feeling. But maybe it's just me, being, you know, overly paranoid. It must run in the family... or I was meant to be in Slytherin," he paused, trying his best to smile warmly. "Just calm down, 'kay? And try not to think about anything involving me and you and... you know," Sirius made a few rather spastic - and phallic - hand motions before feeling flustered, "that. Because it's not going to happen." He paused before opening his mouth again, mumbling something that began with 'unless' and ended with 'nevermind'.

Regulus just gaped open-mouthed at his brother's casual yet lewd hand motions and went pale. 'Is that what it means to be 15?' "Well, bloody hell, Siri, the more you tell me not to, the more I do, it's like a compulsion or a tick!" Regulus decided to shove a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and shut up. "And you don't help it any, looking like that and being all flirty with me, and the way you say things-"

Sirius flicked an eyebrow into his forehead; it seemed to be his turn to gape. "Flirty? I am not flirty, Regulus, this is just the way I am... and looking like WHAT, exactly? Do I look bad to you? Because, you know, one might say we look similar! Except my hair's longer and you have that sort of innocent thing going on and. Just. What?"

"You are so. And it wasn't a bad thing. It's just, when a guy looks like you do, and he's flirting with you, sometimes you forget if he's your brother. So, when you say things like 'Bet it's warmer in your bed than mine,' remember that to most sane people, that means you want to sleep with them." He scowled at his brother.

"Okay, so maybe I'm not up on all the Slytherin pickup lines, brother dearest," he fumbled over he words, "but that doesn't mean I want to sleep with you. And may I add that you confuse me? Before you're utterly and completely frightened of the whole bed warm deal, and now it's not a bad thing. And as good as I am with the ladies, you see, boys confuse me." Sirius stopped. "Especially you."

Regulus scoffed. "It's not a Slytherin pick-up line. It's practically biblical! Or medievel! Truthfully, Sirius, you just need to learn to think before you speak." Regulus didn't add that he suffered from the same. "As it is, boys are easier to grasp mentally than girls. Just what they say, they mean, nine times out of ten. And I'm usually saying exactly what I'm thinking."

"I probably should, huh? Sod that." He leaned a bit closer to Regulus. "Fine, then, if you're easier to understand, help me. What exactly are you thinking right now, mm?"

"This is rather good ice cream and my brother has no idea that he flirts with everyone he meets, but doubly so with me, and that's somewhat discomforting?" Regulus said quickly, taking another scoop into his mouth practically an inch from his brother's face. "Very easy to figure out. Just piece what I say with the knowledge it's exactly what I'm thinking."

"Doubly so? Sure about that? If that's the case, I probably flirt ten times as much with my friends. The amount of times I've... well. Nevermind. I just hope they don't think like you do, my dear little brother." Sirius eyeballed the ice cream, scooping a bit into his mouth by way of Regulus' spoon. "It is rather good, isn't it?" He returned the spoon by placing it in his brother's mouth, assessing the situation. His face was getting nearer and nearer to his brother's, he was eating ice cream at key moments, and, in retrospect, the bed comment was a bit much. "Actually. I guess I am a bit flirty."

"If by a bit you mean exceedingly," Regulus responded coolly. "It gets to the point where I just wonder if you want the entire school to either kill you or bed you. And stop stealing mine, I got you your own, and I thought you preferred dark chocolate to white, anyway. You're always saying white has too much sugar." Regulus pointedly jabbed his spoon into his mouth, almost choking on how hard he forced himself to eat it.

"I just wanted to say how yours tasted," He commented. "Well, at least this explains why the whole school wants to bed me. After all, who can resist this?" He let hands linger across his body before moving a hand to capture a taste of his own ice cream. "It does. You just have an excessive sweet tooth."

"Stop that. Prat." Regulus shoved his brother back. "It's not like you're anything special. Aside from being a Black, which is where you get the looks you're so proud of. But yes, that's why I think you want to sleep with me." Regulus took another bite. "You don't actually want to, do you?"

"I repeat: I'm your brother. What do you think?" Sirius inched himself away from his brother, casually sipping his wine once more. He winced. Note to self - wine and ice cream? Not good.

"I think I'm not sure. I think I know our family history a bit too well. I think I'd like more wine and you're hogging the bottle, I've been out for eight minutes now and you've yet to refill it." Regulus felt his shoulder release tension when his brother left the close proximity.

Sirius handed over the bottle, smiling weakly. "What if I said that I don't want to sleep with you persay because it's not like that, and that I hoped you knew what I meant?"

Regulus laughed. "Well, then I'd say I know even less of what you meant in the first place. Honestly, Siri, do you speak in a bloody code?"

"See? I am living proof boys don't always say what they're thinking..." He paused, once again moving closer to steal the wine from his brother. He swished the liquid in the bottom briefly before taking a swipe straight from the bottle. "Unless of course my thoughts just naturally don't make sense. Which is more likely..."

"Everyone knows that, Sirius. If you drink all of that too quickly you'll get drunk off your arse," Regulus warned. He finished his ice cream and placed the bowl on the shelve above him. He took his glass and sipped it again.

"Hey. Hey. I'm not even close to drunk, are you kidding? Blacks have a very high tolerance for alcohol. You should know that." He replaced the wine bottle and turned to his brother. "Sometimes I wonder, though, you know."

"If you have a high tolerance? You're alright, but you get less coherent," Regulus said off-handedly.

"Pfft. I'm not talking about alcohol consumption, Reg."

Regulus frowned, setting down his glass. "I was afraid of that," he said softly. "You were talking about us, weren't you?"

Sirius turned to his brother. "Mm," he mumbled, "not necessarily us. In general. I've never, you know. I'd rather not make the symbols again..." He snorted briefly. "But with a guy."

Regulus sighed. "God, that's a relief. I've thought about it, too. Of course, you knew that. If I find I guy I like, I'd probably go off with him. I wonder, if I get with a guy, would that count for the 'get a girlfriend first' challenge?"

"Regulus, as far as I know, getting a guy is not the same as getting a girl." He put his elbow on his brother's shoulder, moving for his now soup of ice cream. "Although maybe we should change the contest rules, just because I'm more interested in the whole male idea at the moment. Of course, this will probably fade once I see the guys in my dorms, but eh."

Regulus smirked. "Potter and Lupin aren't bad looking blokes. Of course, Potter's an egotistical git, and Lupin makes me nervous, but, not bad looking blokes, nontheless. Look at you, you made it get all melty, and what'll you do if you spill it on yourself, I'm not going to clean it up no matter how neat-freak-compulsive you think I am."

"Mm, don't get me started on Remus. You don't want to hear it." Sirius sighed, running the hand not balancing his ice cream through his hair. "Yeah, uhm, spill it on myself. That would probably be--" Sirius scooted toward Regulus, smirking broadly. With a swift motion, he poured the cup onto Regulus' lap, "--most unfortunate."

"Sirius!" Regulus yelped, jumping up. "What are you doing? My God, man, you're insane- Clean that up, right now!" He pointed at the stain, frowning. "I cannot believe you did that, you bastard."

"Oh, alright, Regulus, since you seem so keen on the idea..." Sirius grabbed a napkin and began dabbing the spill spreading across his brother's crotch. He followed the drips of ice cream bemusedly.

Regulus blushed. "You, you can't just magic it out?"

Sirius stopped, hand over Regulus' lap. "I could." He looked up at his brother's face, chuckling. "If you wanted." Sirius moved toward his wand before eyeing Regulus.

"I would feel a bit more comfortable, yes," Regulus whimpered. "Considering the context of the conversation leading up to your being a prat. I believe it started with you being a prat, as a matter of fact, and you just went full circle."

Sirius laughed at his brother. "Yes, yes." He grasped his wand and mumbled a spell to do away with the ice cream. "My being a prat is probably judged by your whimpering, I should say."

"Well, you- I don't know how to put it, even, you assure me you want nothing sexual with me and then you pour ice cream down my pants and then you start fondling my crotch!"

"Fondling. You asked me to clean it up!" Sirius decided to play innocent - however lost that cause may have been - would probably be the best approach. "There's a subtle difference between fondling and wiping up, and if you'd take my advice on the subject of wanking, you would understand this."

"I know how to jerk off!" Regulus snapped. "And you didn't have to take a hands-on approach, you're a bloody wizard, you could've just whatever-spell-I-don't-know'd and been done with it!"

Sirius nearly burst out laughing at Regulus' clear indignation. "Sorry, okay? Sometimes it's better to do things the old fashion way."

"Not in this case!" Regulus hissed. He shook his head and rolled over his thoughts. "Wait, do you mean old fashion way to clean, or to jerk off, I've lost your train of thought again."

Sirius fidgeted. "There's a way of wanking that's not old fashioned!?" He gaped at his brother. "Because if there is, I shouldn't be advising you on the matter."

"Well, you're the one always talking about it, I figured you'd thought you'd invented the bloody act or at least refined something from it," Regulus sneered. "Meanwhile, my pants are going to be sticky all night regardless of cleaning spells, and I can't hand them off for laundry until morning. If the stain sets, you're writing to Mum begging for her to buy me a new pair."

"Right, and she won't question you about crotch stains." He sighed. "Sorry, 'kay? Didn't think you'd get this mad. If you're really that anxious, can't you just go back to your dorms and get another pair?"

Regulus chuckled. "But then you'll be gone."

Sirius smirked. "True, true. I won't set foot in Slytherin, no matter how important it is or what you want me to do."

Regulus sat down, staring up at his brother with what could only be completely confusion on his face, although a few times the phrase "You're completely daft" also drifted through his thoughts. "Why would you have to come? And what would I want you to do that would require that you come?"

Sirius looked on blankly. "I don't know, you tell me. I don't know what you kids get up to in there."

Regulus narrowed his eyes, frowning. "Mostly studying and the occassional Gobstone or chess match. What, were you thinking we dance skyclad on the eves of the new moon, engaging in elabourate orgies and sacred rites no sane magician has ever tried?"

"Perhaps. All the other houses think you're perverts." He coughed. "Actually, the term 'open' is more used. But we all know what they mean. Thankfully, I have confidence that my dear little brother is not like that. Or so I should hope."

Regulus smacked his brother in the shoulder. "Slytherin is the house of ambition and cleverness. Not massive parties and sexual deviance. At least, no more so than any other house. My housemates are positively scandalised that I can admit aloud that I've admired boys."

"In all honesty, I can't see a sexually deviant Hufflepuff," Sirius mused. "If they react like that to your fancying boys, wait 'til they hear you fancy your brother." He clapped his brother in the shoulder before he had the opportunity to look horror-stricken. "Kidding."

Regulus grinned. "Remember Trevor Vance, Hufflepuff head boy last year? He slept with three boys in my year. So, brother dear, you'd be surprised about the amount of deviancy that exists even among them. And I can think of worse things than fancying your brother."

"Oh, God, I can't believe I didn't know that. Furthermore, it is very disturbing, you know. The idea of Head Boys doing that sort of thing, considering James seems to have his heart on being Head Boy." He shuddered briefly, before continuing. "Worse things than fancying your brother, huh? Like what?"

Regulus shuddered. "Having your brother's child, for one. Animals, like a few members of all four houses whom I will not disclose, if only because I'm mystified as to why I'm some sort of deviant psychiatrist. Nobody bothered to help me, I had to sort through it on my own. There are others. And at least Vance never raped them, it was always by their consent. And no, I wasn't one of them, I didn't fancy being sodomised by a Hufflepuff no matter how pure."

"Ah, yes," Sirius mused softly, "the animals." He was always very disturbed by the thought of bestiality, especially considering he spent full moons - and often stray late nights - as a canine. "Stuff like that makes me hug incest with open arms."

Regulus shrugged. "I disagree with it, true, but we've all got our little urges." Regulus looked at his brother. "Is it meant to be symbolic or a gesture that you've got your arms open now?"

Sirius opened his arms, then, grinning broadly. "Either way lands me in trouble with you, so I'm just going to go for 'it's a gesture'."

Regulus finally let the one thought- Well, the more innocent of the two- that had stayed blissfully in his head out. "You're completely mental. Like that Skeeter girl, except I like you better."

"You'd better like me more." He waited momentarily with arms awkwardly open before drawing his brother in a tight hug. "Because I am your brother."

"That's just wrong, Sirius," Regulus said, but he was trembling. "Completely wrong when you remember what we're talking about..."

Sirius rubbed his brother's back lightly. "Forget right, you're a Black. Right is not in our vocabulary..." He trailed off, sighing into his brother's neck.

"It's the opposite of left, isn't it?" Regulus tried to joke, but he closed his eyes and sighed in response, hugging his brother back.

"Could be." Sirius murmured and moved his hand to the back of Regulus' neck before shrugging out of the hug. "I hate thinking about you like this."

"Like what? Like I don't know my directions?" Regulus asked, confused for not-the-first time that evening.

Sirius shook his head an sighed, running a tired hand through his hair. "No, brother dear," He motioned with vigor to Regulus and back to himself in the small space between them.

Regulus laughed. "Pantomine. Terrific. Alright. Like I breathe. Like I exist. Like I have ice cream all over my best pair of school pants."

"You, Reg, are a complete prat. Prat!" Sirius grasped the sides of his brothers face and stroked one side idly with his thumb before pulling them away. "Like this, don't you get it?"

"Go bloody figure you steal my favourite insult. Of course I get it, Sirius. I'm smarter than you." Regulus shrugged. "So now what?"

"I thought I would." He smiled vaguely. "You tell me. Your turn to make a move."

Regulus gulped. "I... I honestly don't know, Siri, I've really just snogged a girl..."

"Do you want me to snog you?"

Regulus shuddered. "Not in front of the house elves?" he pleaded.

Sirius jumped off the counter in one swift motion, pulling Regulus with him. Within a moment, they were out in the hallway. Sirius breathed slowly. "Where?"

"Um..." He grinned at the irony. "Astronomy Tower?"

Sirius felt a smile creep through his features. "Perfect." Grasping his brothers hand, he half-walked half-jogged through the hallway and up the twisting staircases to the tower.

Regulus suppressed a laugh when they went in the room. Of course the first thing he would do would be to find Sirius. It was the first thing he always did when he looked at the stars. He whispered softly, "I was kind of hoping it would be a one-sided thing, that I could grow up and get married and have children and never think past 'I might have a crush on my brother.' I never even tried imagining snogging you, did you know that? I was always afraid of what would happen if I started to..."

Sirius let out a throaty laugh, smiling at Regulus' side. "The stars are always so beautiful..." He trailed off before turning to his brother. His breath hitched as he took Regulus' chin in his hand, tilting it upward. His cheeks heated and he kissed the side of his brother's lips lightly. "Me too, Reggy, me too." He planted a firm kiss on his brother's mouth, waiting for response, movement - anything.

Regulus moaned, snaking his arms around his brother's neck. There was a small voice in the back of his mind saying he shouldn't do this, and that it certainly wasn't supposed to feel good- He decided to stop talking to himself.

Lips parted, and Sirius moved his arms around Regulus' waist, pulling him closer. He breathed into Reg's mouth, sighing softly, feeling guilt and pleasure intertwine in the pit of his stomach and back of his mind.

"Siri," he whispered, leaning in to his brother. "God, Sirius, this is just wrong..."

Sirius pulled away briefly, pushing hair behind his brother's ears. "We're Blacks, remember? We don't know the meaning of right." He ran his hands through his brother's hair, before kissing his eyelids shut. "Just don't think about it."

'Don't think,' he told himself. 'Don't think. Oh, bugger this, I'm still thinking.' Regulus sighed and slid into his brother's arms again. "What do you want to do, Siri?"

"To be honest, I don't know." He sighed, regret and desire challenging his motives. "I really... I just don't know."
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