Narcissa Black (perfect__cissa) wrote in mischefmanaged,
Narcissa Black

at hogsmeade

Thought I'd start an RP here since I've have trouble catching a lot of people online! =]

It was a cool crisp fall day, and Narcissa was glad to be out of the castle. She had been looking forward to the first Hogsmeade weekend for a while, and she couldn't wait to stock up on sweets and maybe have a little quiet romantic time with her dear Lucius. School had been stressful for him lately, what with prefect duties and OWLs courses, so the time together was quite welcome.

Narcissa chose to walk alone today. None of her girlfriends wanted to come out because "it was too cold". She didn't mind it though, not while she was wearing the nice sweater her mother sent her and her favorite scarf and mittens. She kicked up a pile of vibrant coloured leaves near the entrance to Hogsmeade, and she looked around eagerly; where to go first? Or rather, who to find first? She perused the main street with her gray eyes. There were a lot of Hogwarts students here already.
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