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another RP!

I'm on a roll tonight-- RP #2!

It was just after dinner time. The sun was setting when Narcissa had left the Great Hall, so it must have been dark by the time she had made her way to the Slytherin common room. She wished they had some sort of window down there; it was rather dreary being in the dungeons. She was sitting alone in her favorite green and silver chair, idly twirling a strand of long golden hair in her slender fingers. Almost everyone was doing homework, and Bella was off somewhere. Narcissa's "friends" sat around her, talking and laughing. She didn't have much interest in their gossip and boy-talk tonight. Needless to say, Narcissa was bored.

Lucius travelled down the dank hallway towards the Slytherin common room at a languid pace. He wasn’t in an exceptional hurry to get anywhere at the moment. It wasn’t common that he had this much time too himself. Actually, it was quite uncommon that he ever even have 5 minutes alone with his thoughts, let alone a whole hour. Being a prefect was much more work than he had expected. Not that he was displeased in anyway. Being a prefect gave him the advantage over so many people. This next hour he planned on taking some time to himself, perhaps take a quick nap before he had to patrol the halls. He spoke the password to the Slytherin common rooms and entered in a flurry of billowing robes.

Narcissa heard the door to the common room open and then close. She turned lazily to see who it was, and grinned immediately when she saw it was Lucius. Not wanting to seem to eager, she waved coyly at him and smiled her mischeivious smile, something she had perfected at ten years old. Being a prefect, Lucius had probably had patrol duty after dinner. Without a word to her friends, she slowly got up and made her way toward him. She felt several pairs of jealous eyes following her; Narcissa wasn't stupid. She knew that all of the older girls and most of the younger ones where in love with Lucius. But wasn't she, Narcissa Black, the one dating him? This thought made her smile even more as she finally reached Lucius. She brushed a blonde strand of hair off his forehead. "Hi Lucius," she said.

Casually, he glanced around the room to see who it occupied at the moment. His lip curled upward slightly when he spotted Narcissa. At the moment, he wasn't sure if he was happy to see her or not. He enjoyed her company, but at the moment he would much prefer to take a nap. He was absolutely exhausted after a hard day. He chuckled to himself, thinking that this almost seemed as if he was coming home to his obedient little house wife. "Good Evening Narcissa," he spoke softly, dropping a kiss on her soft lips, "How are you?" He glanced around the room again, smirking when he noticed the glares they were receiving.

Narcissa always felt butterflies when Lucius kissed her, as though it was always the first kiss he ever gave her. She smiled as he looked around the common room, also noticing the stares. "Well you look very tired," she said, fixing his robes. "Why don't you sit by the fire for a minute?" There were no empty seats, but Narcissa could change that in a hurry. She gently took Lucius' hand and waited for an answer.

He gave her a small smile. A smile that seemed like he saved especially for her. He laced his fingers into Narcissas as she took his hand and was led more than willingly over to the fireplace. "I have to admit, Narcissa, I had planned on laying down for a little while before I had to get back to my prefect duties." He glanced down at the 3rd year boy who occupied the wingback chair that sat in front of the fireplace. Reluctantly, the boy rose from his spot and offered Lucius the chair. Lucius took the seat he was offered and crossed his legs when he sat.

Narcissa liked the reactions she got by simply smiling in a certain way or holding Lucius' hand. He made her feel special. After all, he could have any girl in the entire school and he chose her. She knew it was partly because of her bloodline and social status, but she also felt that there was something else that he liked in her. She turned to the first year girl who was occupying the seat opposite Lucius. Narcissa didn't even have to do anything but narrow her perfect gray eyes and the terrified little girl scampered off to another chair. "Well I'm glad you decided to sit with me instead," Narcissa said, folding one leg under her as she sat. "It's such a shame that you have to go back on patrol though. We might have gone for a walk." She sighed. Although she loved that Lucius had a position of power, she wished he was able to spend more time with her on the weeknights. "But we can always do that another time," she continued, hoping to sound supportive and understanding. It was like they were already married, wasn't it? She swung her other foot back and forth and smiled at the thought of being Mrs. Malfoy.

Lucius looked into the fire blankly, listening to his future wife speak and hearing the low hum of the common room behind him. After a few moments of silence, he turned his eyes to Narcissa. The fire glowed softly on his pale flesh and made his tired looking eyes seem more alive. "Give me a few moments rest and we can go for a walk." He turned his gaze back to the fire and resting his chin lightly on the back of his hand. He wore a solemn expression now, looking more bored than tired at the moment.

Narcissa could tell that he was worn out. It must be hard being a prefect, she thought. Lucius never looked this exhausted before this year. "No, it's fine," she said, feeling sorry that she had mentioned it. How ungrateful she must have sounded. "You just rest. We can go for a walk some other time." She stood up. "Would you like me to rub your shoulders? Maybe you'll feel a bit better so you can be alert when you patrol again." She smiled softy, tossing her sheet of hair over her shoulder.

He smiled softly at the prospect of getting a shoulder rub. It wasn't something people often indulged him in, so it was a welcome treat. Normally he was the one to offer a shoulder rub and that was purely to seduce the one he was courting. He turned in his seat slightly, his lower back resting against the arm of the chair and glanced over his shoulder at Narcissa "Please go ahead then," he said with a slight sexual undertone in his voice. He smiled once more at her, this smile much more snake like and suggestive than the last. "Do a good job as well, I’ve been very tense this past few days."

Narcissa blushed a pretty pink and smiled her own sneaky smile back. "Well I'll make sure that I give you the best, then," she bushed her fingers across his neck. "Wouldn't want you to be tense." She liked that Lucius still flirted with her even though they were "official". What Lucius had been surprised to learn was that she could be just as seductive as well, which Narcissa was sure he hadn't had in other girls before. And if he had, they hadn't been as nearly expert at it as she was. She moved her hands slowly on Lucius' shoulders, kneeding with her knuckles. Her mother had taught her how to properly give back rubs. "You'll do this for your husband some day," she had said as Narcissa watched her mother rub her father's tense neck and shoulders. "You really are tense," Narcissa said, feeling several knots. Lucius was the only boy she had ever given a back rub to. It was something she reserved for only him, even when they first started flirting.

Lucius tipped his head forward slightly and let a soft, inaudible breath slip through his lips. Having his shoulders massaged was always something that he thoroughly enjoyed, but no one ever seemed to want to do for him. He folded his arms over his lap, his legs still crossed and spoke soft enough so only Narcissa could hear, "That is very nice. You are skilled in the ways of back rubs, darling." He chuckled lightly to himself, "perhaps you could give me a more… in-depth massage when we manage to have a moment alone together" he said silkily. Subtly he glanced over the back of his chair to see if anyone was watching and he was quite pleased to see several sets of eyes on them. He lifted his head and raised a hand. Gently, he placed it over Narcissas and brought it forward so he could kiss the backs of her fingers.

Narcissa shivered slightly. She let her fingers brush over Lucius' mouth and smiled. This was much better than going for a walk, when probably all they would do was find an empty room and snog. Not that Narcissa didn't like that though; she did. But this was different. Better. She leaned over and kissed his soft forehead, her hair brushing against his face. "Thank you," she said. "I'd be happy to anytime." She heard a few snorts behind her and glanced to see a sixth year girl almost in tears. Narcissa liked her power over the female population of Slytherin. She liked playing with them. Leaning over and whispering in Lucius' ear, she said, "We have an audience." She was sure he had already noticed. He liked playing with them too. But it was much more fun when they were in it together.

((OOC: To be continued, perhaps?))
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