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Narcissa Black

an rp! =D

It was a nice day in September, cool enough for a sweater but warm enough to be outside. Narcissa was sitting on the front steps of the school, leaning back on her elbows and eating an apple. She lazily watched the other students on the grounds reading, talking, and studying. There was a group of Gryffindors near the lake and Narcissa scowled at them. But she decided not to let scum ruin her perfectly nice time. Narcissa didn't mind being alone, but she did wish she had someone to talk to.

He was busy checking his notes on homework when he walked up the steps, and Regulus found himself sprawled on the ground after tripping over something. He looked up to see it was a bag, and noticed his cousin in the distance, so he grinned and ran towards her. "Cissy!" he said happily when he reached her. He blushed and straightened his tie-- He didn't wear the sweater when he could avoid it-- realising he'd both ran for his family like some stupid first year instead the third year he was now, and had done so after another display of clumsiness that didn't befit the Black pride.

Narcissa stopped mid-bite and looked up at her younger cousin Regulus. All in all, she liked him. He wasn't a prat like his brother Sirius. No, he was loyal and in Slytherin. "Hey Regulus," she said, just as embarrassed as he was about his tripping up the steps. However, she grinned at him and moved over, inviting him to sit and chat. She didn't mind being seen with a third year-- after all, he was a loyal part of the Black family, and Narcissa wanted the company. She procured another apple from her rose-coloured school bag and held it out to Regulus.

"Ooh, thanks," Regulus said as he took the apple. He felt somewhat pompous as he wiped it off on his shirttails before he took a bite, but he just wanted to get any lint off it. He sat next to her, grinning. "So I had my first Arithmancy class today," he confessed, beaming. He wanted to be a Charmbreaker, so the math portion was worth it if it meant he could be better at the practical parts. Still, he brushed his hair out of his eyes and leaned against the stoop. "I think I'll be good at it."

Narcissa couldn't help but grin a little, even though she hated Arithmancy. It was just so incredibly confusing to her. "Better you than me," she said, tossing her apple core over the stone railing. Regulus shared Narcissa's talent for Charms, even though she liked creating them and he liked destroying them. "I'm sure you'll be good at anything you do, you're a Black aren't you?" Narcissa smiled a real smile this time and looked at her cousin.

He scoffed. "I admit I love the sentiment, but sometimes I think we take it too far. I mean, I'll admit it, I can barely make potions, and my Herbology is abysmal at best. Still, we are pretty superior at actual magic. I've always felt some magics and subjects taught here, like Herbology and Potions and Ancient Runes, could be done by Muggles. Less satisfactorily, to be sure, but there's really nothing impressive about them." He blushed again. "Sorry, I guess I shouldn't say stuff like that. It belittles us." He covered this by eating a large bite, soaking his chin in juice which he licked up after swallowing.

Narcissa didn't scoff. She herself hated Herbology, but Potions was her next best subject after Charms. Ancient Runes she hadn't bothered with. "Well, I don't mind you saying it as much as your mother would," she answered, glancing at her cousin, who was now licking his chin. She shook her head. He was only 13, but he needed to act more sophistacated and adult. She handed him a tissue out of her bag and sighed. The sun was setting and drenching the sky with a lovely lavender hue.

He took it, chuckling to himself. His cousins were a lot more impressed by the social actions of being a Black than he and his brother were, which he always found amusing. Still, he used it and rolled it up to place in his pocket, and resigned himself to be tidier; in her presence, at least. "They should just make a separate school for Muggle-borns and such, and teach those subjects there," he decided.

She watched Regulus wipe his chin and nodded slightly. That was better; more like a Black and less like a Muggle. He was still on about school. "Yes," she said, hoping to change the subject. School bored her. "Hogsmeade this weekend," she said. Being a third year, it would be Regulus' first visit into the little village. "You're welcome to walk with Bella and me if you want. We can show you the good sights and spots to go."

He grinned. "Yes, please do." If he were honest, he was hoping Sirius would take him, but he'd go with his cousins also. "Is there anything really worth seeing?"

Narcissa shrugged. "It's all very good at first, but after awhile the novelty wears off." She squinted in the direction of Hogsmeade and could just make out the tallest building there, which she thought was the owlry. "There's always Honeydukes. And the Three Broomsticks is good too. The Shrieking Shack-- that's the most haunted place in Britain. I dared Bella to go in once, but she wouldn't." She kept thinking. "Madam Puddifoot's is only good if you've got someone to go with-- which doesn't include Bella or me." She smiled at her own stupid joke.

Regulus grinned, although he felt a little shocked at her candour with the joke. "I'd go in the Shack. No problem. As for having anyone... No, not at this time, and I wouldn't ask you out- I don't intend to be one of those Purebloods who has to resort to incest, Cissy, no matter how much I like you and Trixie and Andy. ...But that's really where Honeydukes is? I've been looking since Siri brought me some back in first year, and I nearly panicked when I realised it wasn't accessable from Diagon Alley- I thought he'd had to import it."

Narcissa hadn't intended for him to take her comment the way he did. "Well I should hope not," she said, more serious. "God, I don't know what I'd do if I had to marry Sirius or something-- no offense," she added, knowing that Regulus looked up to his older brother. "Yes, it's in Hogsmeade," she answered. "They've got excellent things. But I think you'll find the sugar quill most useful. It's about the only way you can eat in class, besides chewing on some of your potions ingredients. Which I wouldn't reccommend." Students began to make their way in for dinner, and Narcissa checked her watch. It was nearly six. She stood up and smoothed her skirt and gathered her things. "Coming?" she asked.

He stood up quickly. "Yes." He wasn't usually hungry at dinner time- He would sneak down to the kitchens shortly before curfew, and the apple had been more than enough for now- but he loved going to the tables, because it was informal and he could sit with his housemates with no fear of them associating him with his brother (they did that when the other boy wasn't around, or when they were the only ones there). He walked along side her, his legs still shorter than hers but not by much, just enough to make him have to skip a few times to keep up. Once again his mouth betrayed his thoughts without pause: "Would it be so bad, marrying Sirius? I mean, aside from his taste in friends and his misfortune at being a Gryffindor- And I was almost put there myself, Cissy- he's a good guy. Not the best Black, but I can imagine he'd grow out of that once he isn't living with blood-traitors and half-bloods all the time." He stopped walking and clasped his hand over his mouth when he realised what he'd said. "OhGodI'msorry," he squeaked, muffled behind his palm.

For the first time that Narcissa could recall, she was almost angry with Regulus. Normally they got on pretty well. She didn't look at him as she answered, but her voice was quiet. "Sirius is a traitor to our family name. Not only is he in Gryffindor, but he's a blood-traitor himself, Regulus. Do you think he's going to marry pureblood because he's supposed to? I doubt he'll even marry. I know you're his brother, but believe me-- you've turned out much better." Narcissa turned into the Great Hall and spotted her friends. They waved to her. She knew Regulus sat with his own friends, so she turned to him. "Meet Bella and me in the entrance hall on Saturday," she said, her voice returning to normal. She didn't feel like being mad. Besides, he had apologized. "Okay?"

He nodded, still shocked he'd said anything allowed. "I will." He refused to say anything about Sirius being a blood-traitor. Not his Sirius, anyway, no half-blood or worse was going to take his brother. But he did wish she hadn't left him- He would have to sit with his own year, then, and hope that they didn't keep saying the same things she did with even worse by insinuating he would become one, himself.

Narcissa paused for a moment. Regulus looked a bit upset, but what would her friends say if she brought him over with her? She was torn between being loyal to family and keeping her high social standing. She decided instead to touch Regulus' shoulder quickly and grinning. "Don't worry about it," she said, twirling around and walking to the Slytherin table.
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