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Open to Remus, Sirius, and James ONLY + Community RPing.

Mrr. Okay. So here's the deal. We had a roleplay idea/thing that we wanted to get through, but we've been having trouble catching each other when we're available and such, so the three of us are going to do it this way. I'm posting the first three posts we actually got through, and we're going to roleplay through the comments. But this is meant for just the Marauders, so nobody can jump in.

As a note on roleplaying on the actual community- you're welcome to do that too, if you need to. We were thinking we might do it in the future anyway, like for Hogsmeade trips and such when a lot of people will be involved that won't necessarily be interacting with each other. More on that will be posted later, but feel free to tell me what you think about that. :D

Remus J. Lupin rolled over in bed and opened his eyes at precisely midnight (or perhaps just a few seconds after). He pulled his gold and maroon comforter tightly around his body, hoping to soak up just a bit more of its generous warmth before throwing it off and sitting up to face the dark and motionless dorm room. He gave a small, mischievous smirk as he scanned the beds of the other students. Perfect, he thought, getting up. He was careful to be as quiet as he could, though a few squeaks and creaks from the spring mattress escaped his caution. Remus crept over to the windowsill and pulled aside the curtain and looked over the grounds. Nobody was moving around within eyeshot, not even Filch. In fact, he suspected the caretaker was probably on the other side of the school by now. (He would have checked the map, of course, but it was currently in James’ trunk and rummaging around for it really wasn’t the best way to keep an entire dorm asleep.) Even if the Marauders hadn’t had access to James Potter’s invisibility cloak, he doubted he and his cohorts would have been caught leaving the grounds.

He crept over to each of his friends’ beds, minus Peter’s, and whispered their names. “James, Sirius!” He figured that if they had fallen asleep at all, they were only sleeping lightly, and so assumed they wouldn’t need much more prompting than that. Because Peter had had a rather long and relatively rough day and had announced his exhaustion after completing what could only be described as a mountain of homework, the three had opted to allow their fourth Marauder to sleep through that night’s escapades, in hopes he would be rested and feeling better the next day. “Ready to go?” Remus whispered to the other two boys.

The Shrieking Shack had been occupied by Remus no more than one night a month since he had come to Hogwarts. Upon arriving at the school it had been required of him to explain to Professor Dumbledore about his werewolf condition, and his concern about what he would do on the nights of the full moon. The wise professor had set it up so that he would be able to stay in the Shack once a month, allowing Remus to endure his transformation without the variable of him running off and potentially attacking someone. Though the Shrieking Shack wasn’t actually all that old, it was still a house and as a result still required maintenance every now and then. It would be of no surprise to him if there a few broken floor boards here, or perhaps a broken window there. He had, after all, left the place unattended for an entire summer. To be safe, however, he had to take responsibility and see to it that everything was in order before the full moon arrived that month. That, with the help of James and Sirius, was exactly what Remus planned to do that night.

Sirius slapped his face, rubbing somnolent slumber from his eyelids. Remus' muted whispers rang through the small room, prompting Sirius to rise. Unfortunately, however, he had been tip-toeing the tight-rope between sleep and consciousness, and felt anything but prepared to face nighttime endeavors.

"Sod it all…" Sirius moaned, rolling to face his friend. "I'm with Peter. Getting up to clean the bloody Shrieking Shack is not…" He trailed off, hand lazily massaging his cheekbones.

After some moments of mental debate, Sirius decided that yes, it would probably be best to just go help his friends and that no, he should not drink excessive amounts of pumpkin juice before bed in the near future. Stuff's bound to make a kid drowsy, Sirius mused, picking his body from his bed. Movements were languid and speech incoherent, but he managed to locate his wand and robes.

"James up yet?" He inquired, flattening pillow-mangled hair.

Naturally James had indeed been up; he had been, for lack of a more artful word, pondering. For a good two hours. Things with Lily were rather mind-boggling, and distracted him from the work that he knew he needed to do. And so, of course, rather than sleep and hope that things would be easier later on, or at least that his concentration would not be shot any longer, he had sat up to think even further on the subject.

With Remus rising, however, and Sirius following his lead, there would be no more time to contemplate his not-relationship with Lily. Which was surely more healthy than staying up the rest of the night doing it. He sat up from where he lay, stretching a little, and managed something of a grin Sirius' way. "Been up. Y'know, I think I got the short end when we re-picked beds this year; the moon always hits my pillow no matter how full it is. Whose idea was it to give Peter the good bed?" he asked, quite plainly joking as he moved off of his bed somewhat sleepily to change into his robes.

Once getting dressed had been taken care of, and his vanity had been settled by dragging a comb through his hair to keep it out of his way, he looked to the other two alert members of their "team" of sorts and grinned. "Ready to do some senseless cleaning?"

So then, my fellow mods and marauders, it's my post, and I'll comment to this as soon as I get the chance.
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