Bellatrix Black Lestrange (bellatrlx) wrote in mischefmanaged,
Bellatrix Black Lestrange

Take 2

The truth of the matter was this: Bellatrix feared Lucius. The journal entries made her more nervous than usual. What was the point of learning to hide one's thoughts when one could just as easily pick up her journal? Then a thought-- what was to stop her from planting false information?

Meanwhile, she hid from the brat pack of Gryffindors in a girl's Slytherin toilet stall. She was having a rough week: already watching Narcissa and Lucius snog all over the place, for starters. Having failed the entry scroll for the semester was icing on the cake. To make matters worse, it was Tuesday and he hadn't seen Him.

'Great' she thought, 'and now I start a spit with Sirius because he can't fly.. or doesn't want to, as he put it.' It wouldn't have mattered one way or the other, mainly because she knew that they knew that she wasn't that good in much else other than escaping, and the occasional luck in a duel. What she needed to do, in addition to learning Occlumency, was learn how to fight better. She supposed she could ask Lucius. But then again, she feared him. She could ask Severus. After all, he knew every curse there was in the book. At that rate, he could also help her in Occlumency. She decided she would bribe him with candies again as she had in the past, and pray that it would be enough.

This thought stopped her tears, which she hadn't realised were falling. She just had to survive until the next Hogsmead trip...
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