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Rita meets Bella~

(( This was just an AIM conversation, so it's already happened for the plot. It's actually a continuation on the post Rita Skeeter made about the Blacks going bankrupt. Here, Bella confronts Rita about it..In other words, it's a closed thread. Just read it so you know what's going on. ))

Bellatrix's class ended. She exited the class, half expecting her to not show up. The other half wished she wouldn't show up. She fidgeted, and waited, nervously for Rita to arrive-- if she was ever going to.

Lo and behold, Rita arrived just in time. Sporting her trademark quill and parchment, she cocked an eyebrow.
"Well, Bellatrix? Spill it," she crowed.

"What no hello/ how are you/why are you doing this?"

Rita's eyes wandered to the suit of armor behind the impatient Black sister.
"Gossip is gossip, my dear," Rita spat. "And I don't exactly have all the time in the world." She readjusted her parchment in an act of frustration. Surely this Black girl wasn't so thick..why wouldn't she just get it over with?

"Fine, then. I have your information against the Black family-- but your source is anonymous." Bellatrix shifted her weight, she had thought of her speech all throughout class.
"I'm going to give you two pieces of information as well. One will be fake. The other one will be real."

Rita's eyes narrowed.
"Let's not be coy, Bellatrix." But noticing the larger girl's seriousness, Rita let her continue.

"Take the conditions or leave them." Bellatrix held her wand in her hand cautiously at her side in an attempt to be intimidating.

Rita's eyes slid downwards easily, like a doll being pushed forward, to Bella's blanched knuckles on the grip of her wand. Just as easily, she focused on Bella's eager face.
"Bella.." Rita wasn't going to come this far just to be battered. "Cease the theatrics. You chose to meet me and I am awaiting the information. Kindly give me what I came here for." She was annoyed by now, but not aggravated. Surely what Bellatrix had to say was extremely savory, that it would have such a climactic presetation.

"I'll say it once more, or I will walk away. Take the conditions." Bellatrix narrowed her eyes as she spoke; this time with actual threat.

Rita was taken aback. This cow was actually threatening her!
"Fine." Rita closed her eyes for a brief moment. "I accept your terms. And now--" Her lips broke into an obscene grin, her teeth yellowed with caramel--"what you promised me." It was almost a question.

It was time. Bellatrix swallowed, feeling parchment lining her mouth and throat.
"One. Lucius Malfoy, currently engaged to Naricissa Black, was seen kissing another Slytherin girl, with brown hair, two nights ago during the full moon. Two. Sirr-.... Bellatrix Black is infatuated with Severus Snape." She threw a notebook at Rita, several pages doodled in puppylove confessions by Bella about Severus-- initials, the whole works.

In a flurry of paper, Rita stood, flabbergasted. Surely she wasn't meant to be confused? It was obvious that Bellatrix--humble, i-don't-mind, asexual Bellatrix Black was interested in the likes of the infamously greasy Snape. It was almost comical.
"Bella, what do you propose we do with this information," she sneered. "And what of your supposed bankruptcy?"

"We're not bankrupt at all, for starters and... do whatever you want with your new information. Expand all of it-- as I'm sure you would anyway. Oh, and.." She smiled evilly. "Sirius is afraid of flying. That one is positively true, and an added bonus for you. All of it is in the notebook. Goodbye."

Rita laughed. It was high and jagged-- piercing, like shattering glass.
"Bellatrix, you cruel child." Pocketing the notebook, Rita began to scribble furiously on the piece of parchment she brought with her. Looking up for a second, Rita blinked.
"I bid you adieu, fair Bella," she crooned. She was elated at the newfound information.

And with that, Bella turned and walked stiffly down the corridor, terrified of herself for family's betrayal. Opposite her, Rita strolled back towards the Ravenclaw tower, where she would surely brood new ways to wreck havoc.

(( Excuse the lazy ending. ))
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