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Welcome; Applications go here!

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Out of Character Information
Name/Alias: Samantha
Livejournal: renthead006
E-mail address:
AIM: RENThead006
Anything else we should know?: I'm an English major, so I've got a pretty good grasp on grammar and writing. =P

In Character Information
Character you want to play: Narcissa Black [Malfoy]
Sample of writing: (This is the most important part! We want to know that you can play your character well! :D Write your sample as though you were roleplaying, please.)

It was very, very early on Friday morning, and Narcissa was sitting in the Slytherin common room, half-asleep in a chair near the fire. She had been up all night talking with Lucius about... things. About his involvement with the Death Eaters.

Of course Narcissa supported Voldemort; he had very good ideals and her family was completely pure-blood and proud of it. She just didn't want Lucius getting caught up in something that might kill him.

However she may have appeared, Narcissa wasn't as cold and shallow as everyone thought. She loved Lucius, and not just because of his blood and his money. He took care of her and was sweet to her. She thought for a moment about that night they had spent on the astronomy tower last spring and smiled to herself.

'No,' she thought. She couldn't let him do this. If he was going to recieve his Dark Mark, it wasn't going to be without a fight from her. If he stepped out of line once, let something slip that Voldemort didn't like, then that was it. He would be punished. Tortured. Killed. Narcissa shivered just thinking about it. She had to persuade him to wait, at least until they left Hogwarts.
Accepted! Welcome to the community! Please make a journal to your character and respond to this comment with it. :D
perfect__cissa's my journal. I'll get everything fixed up and ready tomorrow! =]
Out of Character Information>>
Name/Alias: Adrienne
E-mail address: (yes, 3 'n's, confusing I
AIM: will create if accepted....
Anything else we should know?: Well this is only if I'm accepted and all, but you should know anyways. I'm actually going to camp tomorrow, for four weeks, so I won't be able to post during that time. But I'm really interested in joining here so I hope you won't mind waiting for me to come back! (I'll understand if you don't want to wait, but since I'm applying for James, doesn't it all work out? Meggie gets to play him and then I can claim him later? XD)

In Character Information>>
Character you want to play: James Potter
Sample of writing:

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Be-SMACK "bloody hell." James Potter withdrew his hand back under his thick duvet, snarling slightly into his pillow. Still letting out a quiet stream of swear words, he rolled over onto his back and let his feet dangle over the side of his small twin bed. They dropped heavily to the floor. He propped himself up onto his elbows, quite stunned. Was it possible that he had seemed to grow about five inches during the night? He snorted slightly, rubbing his eyes vigorously to rid them of the little yellow chunks of who-knows-what that often grew in his sleep. When James was young, his father had once told him they were from Doxy's, crawling around him during the night, and although he was obviously joking, Jame's never quite liked the idea of Doxy droppings in his eyes.

A thin beam of sunlight was creeping across his floor, shining from between a crack in James' curtains. Small flecks of dust danced around in the surprisingly beautiful orange glow. James stood up, his head suddenly throbbing, shuffled towards his window leaving a trail of blanket behind him, and recklessly pulled the curtains shut.
"Too bright...sun..bright..." He muttered absentmindedly, moving towards his bathroom. He pulled open the door and stepped into his green tiled bathroom, which was quite ugly and at the precise moment very wet indeed. James slipped precariously but managed to balance himself by grabbing onto his sink. "What the-?" He squinted downwards, trying to figure out what had happened last night. All he could come up with was a vague memory of Sirius in a grass skirt and lei dancing on table top, but that didn't help him very much. That could have very well been Sirius any day.

Forgetting the wet floor for a moment, James looked groggily at himself. He brought his hand swiftly through his hair, rumpling it up a bit despite it's already messy quality. Obviously satisfied, he shrugged and lazily padded out, completely dismissing his tooth brush and tooth paste. He yawned widely and made his way down the stairs of the Potter's cozy home, and into the kitchen where he was greeted with a ear-splittingly loud

Accepted! When you get back from camp (and have fun!) you'll need to talk over the specifics of what James has done with Meg before you start, but other than that, you're in. Welcome to the community. :D
Just wondering when we were going to start.. I'm really excited!
Of course we are! You're welcome to roleplay with anyone you want. Heh, Sirius and I are actually workin' on a little something as we speak... ;D
-nods- You can g'head and post anything in your journal roleplay or IM any one of us; AIM's are all in the userinfos, and we're all friendly. I promise.
Out of Character Information
Name/Alias: Kathleen
Livejournal: tatterhood
E-mail address:
AIM: Tatteredhood
Anything else we should know?: I have only recently been able to get my hands on the 5th book and I haven't even laid eyes on a copy of the 6th book. I'm currently reading the 5th and will read the 6th afterwards. I know this might be a hinderance on the roleplay, so I understand if you don't want to accept my application. I'm not afraid of spoilers (too badly, anyway) and I do know a few small things that happen throughout the 5th and 6th books.

In Character Information
Character you want to play: Lucius Malfoy
Sample of writing: Lucius let a long winded sigh and a leaned forward, lacing his fingers together and resting them on his desk. He wore an expression of absolute boredom as this class was much less than interesting. He wondered absently what was the use of learning about the past. More specifically, the history of magic. Surely this wasn’t something they really needed to know. What useful purpose could it possibly serve in any line of work unless you decided to become a historian. In any case, this was by far one of the most boring classes and Lucius dreaded each Tuesday afternoon because of it.
He shook his head lightly, attempting to keep himself awake. The warm summer heat was doing its job to make him drowsy. With only 10 minutes left in the period, it was a wonder that he hadn’t fallen asleep with the rest of the class. But, he couldn’t allow his fellow class mates seeing him slacking. Rumours would spread like wildfire. “I heard he’s sick” “Narcissa dumped him, so he must be depressed!” and the like. No, that just wouldn’t do.
With another sigh, he glanced out the window and saw some fifth year Griffindors loitering around the grounds, pretending to be examining plants for Herbology. He sneered when the four, self-proclaimed Marauders came into his line of vision. If there was one thing in the world that Lucius hated more than History of Magic, it was the Marauders. They were so … obnoxious. That Black one never had his mouth closed. Always going on about something or nothing. Things no one even cared about. Lupin… how irritating. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak. He always played so innocent and self-sacrificing. Pettigrew… well, he was just -ugly-, now wasn‘t he. Snivelling, disgusting Pettigrew. It was hard to even look at him. Lastly, James Potter. The one Lucius hated most of all. His reasoning was beyond him, but there was just something about him that he despised. He wasn’t able to place his finger on it right yet, but it would come in due time. Overall, he hated how people fell over themselves just to please the brain-dead Griffindors. Everything about them made him seethe with rage.
He had been so busy analysing the four, he hadn’t heard the bell ring. It was only when Goyle said his name did he snap out of his daze. He looked up at the brute of a boy and waved a dismissive hand, then rose to his feet. He gathered up his books and parchment, and with one last glance out the window he exited the room and headed to his next class.
ahem... Gryffindors...


11 years ago

Hello, I've been asked by perfectcissa to join and I will submit my application after I do my ME research and watch the rp for a bit. :-)
nevermind! I see you already have one


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I've made a journal for Lucius. It is luckylucius
Do you have/want a Bellatrix?
Ooh. Yes, we want a Bella.
Okay! I will submit an application by the end of the day along with new journal, etc etc.
Out of Character Information
Name/Alias: Sch4
Livejournal: crazytree
E-mail address:
AIM: bigpapamalfoy
Anything else we should know?: I like puppies

In Character Information
Character you want to play: Bellatrix Black
Sample of writing:

Bellatrix Black was shy. She had many things against her; she wasn't as pretty as her sister, no where near as smart as her sister, and had Sirius for a cousin.

Most of her time she spent in the common room trying to be seen by anybody, to be taken notice of. One time she had paid Severus in bloodpops from Honeydukes to make a potion to turn her hair a pale silver to match her sisters. Sadly, after two days of torture from the Marauders she quickly changed back (several every-flavoured-toffees later).

Today, however, was not one of those days. She was in the library, trying to fork her way through Occlumency: Keeping Your Secrets Secret, when someone familiar strode up from the other side of the table.

"What is that you are reading?"

Without speaking, she propped the book up so he could read it.

"More importantly, Bellatrix, why are you reading it?"

"Read the rest of the title."

"Have some secrets you don't want to share?"


"Then that's not the book you should be reading."

"Then what do you suggest I read?" she said, finally looking up at him.

Without a word he propped the book up in the same manner she had to hers so she could read its title: Occlumency , Legilimency, And Everything.

"Unfortunately for you this is mine." And with a slight smirk he walked away.

Notes: My goal is to play her not-crazy and what would lead her to be such a crazy radical (besides Azkaban) hence the shyness, and the easily influenced, and the needy. I am also trying for the teenage angst/mindset. She is younger than Narcissa by 1 or 2 years.


August 16 2005, 23:21:12 UTC 11 years ago

Out of Character Information
Name/Alias: David Ottewa. Um, Dave?
Livejournal: primalreligion, or ottewaonline for writing
E-mail address:
AIM: etherialchesod
Anything else we should know?: I may be offline for days at a time, but I'll try to mark when I'm unavailable ahead of time. This is because I have to share a phoneline, and some of my family members run their companies with a lot of eMail and contracts online. However, they will be out of town 85-90% of the time.

In Character Information
Character you want to play: Regulus Black
Sample of writing: (This is the most important part! We want to know that you can play your character well! :D Write your sample as though you were roleplaying, please.)

Diary, June 14th, 1975

Dear Diary:
Sirius dragged me to Muggle London today. He seemed fascinated by their "quaint" mannerisms (I use that term as I cannot find any more suitable without outright demeaning them, and I cannot see any honest reason to diminish those unwilling to see the obvious as anything more than ignorant.), while I found myself bored, and superior. He tried to explain that they were "amazing" and "right smart for being able to figure out how to get on without magic" (Note to self- Beat James Potter's head in for teaching Sirius those completely idiotic ideosyncracies. Get Lupin and Pettigrew, too- Muggles have no reason to be hated, as they're like animals, really, but half-bloods are just tainted. Snape, too, come to think, but he's a right scary sort.)

I fear his growing fascination with the creatures. As it is, he claims he wants a "motorbike," something about them being "choice" and whatnot.

Mother tore up his new shirts, and the one he bought me, which I did rather like, blue with the Union Jack on. I prefer magic anyday but the clothes can be decent, as well as the food.

Deleted comment

So, from what I've read (although the other mods haven't quite yet), I really like your application. However, we're looking for a roleplay example in the third person format, just to see how you would roleplay with others (read the info for more information on this). So, if you wouldn't mind, could you submit a bit of a roleplay in that style? It can be relatively brief, we just want to get more of a feel for your roleplaying ability in that medium.

Thanks! :D

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Out of Character Information
Name/Alias: Zach
Livejournal: _bittermonkey
E-mail address:
AIM: BitterAffe
Anything else we should know?: Nope. If I'm away I'll tell you, of course. And school is coming up so I might be busy but I won't surprise you. And please excuse the lack of plot/laziness/bad grammar/questionable adjectives. I blame my insomnia..

In Character Information
Character you want to play: Rita Skeeter
Sample of writing:

If taken literally, lying for me is like skating on thin ice--the rush of gliding on something so seemingly unstable. The inability for the ice to support my weight is euphoric in effect. So close to danger, I don't stop skating, maintaining the adrenaline rush of it all. In an almost masochistic manner, I wait for the ice to crack before gliding back onto thicker footing, waiting for an opportunity to repeat my twisted dance. .

Rita surveyed the entire Ravenclaw common room as if it was a subject of hers of which she was the queen. Indeed, she was quite majestic in movement, yet bordered on sumptuous in appearance. Her sky blue blouse was glittered and form-fitting, and her Ravenclaw badge, which featured the bronze eagle atop a bright blue background, was perched precariously atop her supple, left breast. Her legs were lightly adorned, except for a silky, black skirt that exploded with ruffles at the knees. She wore plum-colored high heels and similarly colored glasses whose thick border, coupled with her black robes, gave her the appearance of a confused child. She was sucking on her magenta-plumed quill at random intervals and appeared to be deep in thought, though nothing appeared to be on her desk. From time to time, her large eyes rolled over a gaggle of third year girls who were eyeing Rita's garb in both shock and amusement. Rita overheard a particularly snarky girl whispering something about her glasses, apparently doubting their authenticity. Rita continued to stare at them unabashedly before finally pocketing her magenta quill and storming out the common room. Down the stairs she thundered, her mind racing. 'I'm not upset,' she told herself. 'If those witchy little girls don't understand ... oh just bugger it all!' She had always hated her glasses, but still wore them. It was almost as if she thought she would be someone else without them. A nobody. 'Oh, I'll get some good dirt on her, yes I will,' she brooded. 'She thinks I didn't see her with that Slytherin a while back, but she was sorely mistaken, the git.' And as she thought, Sirius Black came barreling down the corridor, looking sullen and dramatic as always. He looked his usual, sloppy self, his robes askew and his shirt muddy. 'What does he do in those things?' Rita wondered. Unbeknownst to her, a jagged smile was appearing on her face. But her eyes easily belied this smile, for they were narrowed and her thin brows were furrowed. She looked like someone who had just stepped on a flobberworm, its pus all over their new jacket. And Sirius noticed it and hurried past. 'Filthy little creature,' she pondered as Sirius brushed past her shoulder. 'Oh, the nerve!' Suddenly remembering why she was angry in the first place, Rita continued on her rampage until she got to the library, where the librarian noticed her and her flashy clothing almost instantly, her eyes icy with contempt. Although Rita often went to the library when she got annoyed, she never got used to the constant and vigilant eye of the aging Madame LeNoire, the present librarian.
"I'm here for a History of Magic project," Rita spat. "Now may I please enter the Restricted Section, Madame?" Rita's sudden charm was unnerving and the librarian scowled. Rita smiled, her teeth flashing like a hungry shark's. "It's urgent."
"And what has Professor Binns assigned you to that would need use of the Restricted Section, Miss Skeeter?" Rita straightened herself up.
"Why, a simple demonstration of the behaviour of trolls during the mating season. I'm sure to someone like you it would be quite enthralling." Rita's insult did not penetrate Madame Screech's thick skull and Rita was instantly permitted into the Restricted Section. She was skating again, the ice still thick...
You win, that was awesome. XD Definitely accepted. :D Please make a journal for your character and reply.

One note though- There were some bits where I think you could have broken it up into more paragraphs. That might have made it a bit easier to read. <3

Re: Application


11 years ago

Okay, this is Adrienne, the person who tried out for James. Obviously I'm back from camp! Thanks so much for accepting me! So I guess you can just contact me at my email address with any information I need before I can start. Okay, thanks so much!
Hey Adrienne! I hope you had fun at your camp.

Email is being sent.
Hey Adrienne, welcome back! :D