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[ Monday September 12th 2005; 9:23 pm]

The sun went down.

The Slytherins went to sleep, except those who never planned to sleep.

Eventually, it felt like hours had gone by and it was time to play. Bellatrix crept quietly out of bed and went down the stairs. She tiptoed through the common room and crept up the stairs to the boys room. she found Reggies bed and nudged him slightly.

"Wakeup," she whispered, "wakeup you son of a bacchae"

TAG: Regulus
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Snape opening; new James [ Saturday September 3rd 2005; 6:18 pm]


We have news.

I'm sure that some of you have noticed the inactivity of our Snape. This Snape has since given the character up, and as I know that at least some of you are itching for a Severus, he's now open.

This means that we want you to promote out there for a Snape. Because, well, we need one and want one. Keep a look out for anyone who you think might be interested!

Also, James has changed hands and will now be played by miss foolishfishy.

Stay active, everyone!


This is OOC, but I figured some of you would like it: [ Thursday September 1st 2005; 10:15 pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I made some bookmarks for a fancomic I do on LJ. The charas I did were Bill, Blaise, Draco, Regulus, Remus, Sirius, Snape and Theo Nott. Remus is movie-canon based, Snape is book-canon, and Theo is pure fanon. They're all shoujo-manga style (not my usual style) and in colour. Anyway, here is the link.

I'll do other characters by request, and Bellatrix and Narcissa will be up next week regardless.


Contact List [ Thursday September 1st 2005; 12:41 am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm procrastinating homework, so I thought I'd make this little thing. It'll come in handy, I figure, once we get more members. :D

Bellatrix Black [bellatrlx]
Name/Alias: Sch4
AIM: bigpapamalfoy
E-mail: sch4denfreude@gmail.com
Personal Journal: crazytree

James Potter [married_to_lily]
Name/Alias: Adrienne
AIM: jamesiefart
E-mail: adriennne@gmail.com
Personal Journal: foolishfishy

Lily Evans [lilys_pad]
Name/Alias: Annie
AIM: loverly lily
E-mail: absolutelyannie@gmail.com
Personal Journal: forgets

Lucius Malfoy [luckylucius]
Name/Alias: Kathleen
AIM: DarkMarkLucius
E-mail: tatter_hood@hotmail.com
Personal Journal: tatterhood

Narcissa Black [perfect__cissa]
Name/Alias: Samantha
AIM: RENThead006
E-mail: little_lotte6@hotmail.com
Personal Journal: renthead006

Regulus Black [reggy_b]
Name/Alias: Dave
AIM: etherialchesod
E-mail: zoharhetorical@yahoo.co.uk
Personal Journal: primalreligion

Remus J. Lupin [wolfsbane_bites]
Name/Alias: Gina/Kiseki
AIM: mongoose37g
E-mail: tsubasa37g@yahoo.com
Personal Journal: mutant_cucumber

Rita Skeeter [skeeter_woman]
Name/Alias: Zach
AIM: GossipClover
E-mail: uketomoe@yahoo.com
Personal Journal: _bittermonkey

Sirius Black [siriuslyblack_]
Name/Alias: Annie
AIM: siriuslyy sirius
E-mail: absolutelyannie@gmail.com
Personal Journal: forgets

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RP; RB, SB [ Monday August 29th 2005; 6:52 am]

Roleplay the second between Sirius and Regulus. Warning: this is not considered smut even a bit, but realize that this involves the brothers getting up to some things most brothers would never, well, think about. As such, it is important to realize that this community is accepting of slash (of all kinds) and if you don't know what that is, I suggest you find out.

In which Regulus and Sirius talk in the kitchens and do other things in the Astronomy Tower.Collapse )

Rita meets Bella~ [ Friday August 26th 2005; 11:44 pm]

(( This was just an AIM conversation, so it's already happened for the plot. It's actually a continuation on the post Rita Skeeter made about the Blacks going bankrupt. Here, Bella confronts Rita about it..In other words, it's a closed thread. Just read it so you know what's going on. ))

Bella's a tough oneCollapse )

(( Excuse the lazy ending. ))

at hogsmeade [ Saturday August 20th 2005; 11:39 pm]

Thought I'd start an RP here since I've have trouble catching a lot of people online! =]

At HogsmeadeCollapse )
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RP; RB, SB [ Saturday August 20th 2005; 8:32 am]

Roleplay the first between Regulus and Sirius.

In which the brothers bond in the kitchen, star gaze, and discuss family values.Collapse )

*Please note that this must have taken place not last night, but a few nights ago, because the full moon was the night of the 19th, and we all know where Padfoot must have been at that time. Sorry for any confusion, your Sirius was being very absent-minded.

School Bulletin Board [ Friday August 19th 2005; 6:43 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hogsmeade Trip Reminder

All students should know by now that the first excursion of the term to the village of Hogsmeade is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Saturday. All students planning to attend the trip (and that have proper permission) should be ready to go and in the Great Hall first thing in the morning.

-Hogwarts Administration-

((OOC notes: What does this mean, what does this mean? Well, a few of the players have been talking about the Hogsmeade trip so we mods figured we'd officially kick it off with this notice. Go ahead and roleplay whenever you want this weekend about your characters escapades in Hogsmeade- just know that they should all take place on Saturday. We just thought we'd get things rolling a little early because your mods are all rather busy this weekend. <3 ))
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another RP! [ Friday August 19th 2005; 8:22 pm]

I'm on a roll tonight-- RP #2!

Lucius likes his back rubsCollapse )
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an rp! =D [ Friday August 19th 2005; 7:07 pm]

On the grounds with Cissa and RegulusCollapse )

And then there were ten. [ Friday August 19th 2005; 12:10 pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

With the addition of Rita Skeeter (skeeter_woman) and Regulus Black (reggy_b), mischefmanaged now has ten members! -Blows horn- Hooray!

In other news, I would like to direct your attention to the rules of the community. It has been brought to our attention that some members have inadvertently played other characters; I would like to reiterate that this is not allowed (even if a character is not in the community) and will be kept a close eye on. This rule has gray area, indeed. For instance:

"Today Peter, Remus, James, and I climbed the windy steps of the castle to Gryffindor tower." This is allowed. It is canon that the four are in Gryffindor and nothing definitive is said about any of the characters mentioned. This is also alright because although we do not have a Peter currently, what is mentioned about his character is canon.

Conversely, "Today I saw Peter creeping into the Slytherin common room," is not allowed. Peter is not yet in the community, as mentioned above, so something like this is not allowed. Why? Because nothing about it is canon. This is an independent action of a character not yet in the roleplay; it is also something other characters could build off of to create a sub-plot. If we do get a Peter, and he/she doesn't want his/her plot to run that way, what would happen?

With that, it is perfectly alright to mention other characters in the roleplay and the scenarios you roleplayed with them. Just keep this in mind as a rule of thumb - do not take over another character in dialogue or narration. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Additionally, PLEASE ADVERTISE! Indeed, we have ten members, and we would love to get more. I know you would all enjoy having more characters to play with, so go ahead and advertise until your fingers feel numb. Or just shamelessly plug Mischief Managed in your personal journals. Either is encouraged. ;D

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Open to Remus, Sirius, and James ONLY + Community RPing. [ Tuesday August 9th 2005; 10:40 pm]
Mrr. Okay. So here's the deal. We had a roleplay idea/thing that we wanted to get through, but we've been having trouble catching each other when we're available and such, so the three of us are going to do it this way. I'm posting the first three posts we actually got through, and we're going to roleplay through the comments. But this is meant for just the Marauders, so nobody can jump in.

As a note on roleplaying on the actual community- you're welcome to do that too, if you need to. We were thinking we might do it in the future anyway, like for Hogsmeade trips and such when a lot of people will be involved that won't necessarily be interacting with each other. More on that will be posted later, but feel free to tell me what you think about that. :D

And now, the unfinished roleplay.Collapse )

So then, my fellow mods and marauders, it's my post, and I'll comment to this as soon as I get the chance.
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Tag: Anybody! [ Tuesday August 9th 2005; 10:20 pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Tuesday! Collapse )

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Who and who only? [ Monday August 8th 2005; 9:32 pm]
Alright you guys, there's been some confusion among our lovely members. Just to keep in mind for future reference, when something says "So-and-so Only," that means it's for so-and-so, and so-and-so only.

For example, say I, as Remus, update something about how being a werewolf sucks. It's something Remus would want to get out, and also something the other Marauders might want to talk to him about. However, if, say, Lucius read it and went "Oh snap, that Lupin prat's a werewolf," it would be a pretty bad scene. To prevent Lucius' character or any of the other characters from knowing that, I would label it as "Marauders Only" or something akin to that. That way, all the roleplayers know that the material under said label could only be read and known about by the marauders.

The same goes for any other character. If Lucius goes "God I'm so cool. I mean look, I'm a death eater!" and he only wants Slytherins to know, he could say "Slytherins only."

Of course, that doesn't mean the roleplayers can't read it. Feel free to. It's just, you know, your character can't. :D

Hope that clears a few things up.
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Take 2 [ Monday August 8th 2005; 8:32 pm]

Setting Up Bella's PlotCollapse )
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Family rivalries? [ Friday August 5th 2005; 8:52 pm]
Hooray, our second roleplay!

In which a grapefruit becomes a menace.Collapse )

Just a note. [ Friday August 5th 2005; 12:28 pm]

Everyone please add luckylucius (Lucius Malfoy) to your friend's lists! :)

On another note, I would like to make sure that everyone is keeping up with the posts being made in the community; that is, please either watch the community on your friend's list or check in with it at time to time. This is simply to encourage members to be active in reading the roleplays done outside of livejournal so we are all caught up on plot developments and characterizations so there will be no misunderstandings. As mentioned in the previous entry, a roleplay between Sirius and Remus, all roleplays that are done via AIM, email, or other outside-livejournal platforms should be posted under a cut in mischefmanaged.

Sorry for any confusion, and thank you!

Rendezvous in Diagon Alley [ Thursday August 4th 2005; 11:45 pm]
Alrighty then! To kick things into full swing, two of your mods bring you the first RP posted in Michief Managed. It takes place at Diagon Alley, obviously, so that's just before school starts up again. If you've already posted a school-related entry in your journal, then just pretend this happened before hand. XD Heh.

Ah, and as a note! All roleplays like this should be posted on the community under a cut, like so. This way we'll know what's going on even if our characters don't. Without further adieu, the roleplay!

Of ostrich feathers & chocolate frogs.Collapse )

Welcome; Applications go here! [ Monday July 26th 2010; 4:13 pm]
Alright! So, here's the first post to kick off this new roleplay community. So far these are the characters taken:

Remus J. Lupin - wolfsbane_bites
Sirius Black - siriuslyblack_
Lily Evans - lilys_pad
James Potter - married_to_lily
Narcissa Black - perfect__cissa
Lucius Malfoy - luckylucius
Bellatrix Black - bellatrlx
Rita Skeeter - skeeter_woman
Regulus Black - reggy_b

So, once you've read the rules and filled out the form, applications go here! Good luck and happy marauding. <3
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